The Importance of Online Customer Service

Customer service is an extremely important business strategy for any company, whether online, offline or both. The following information includes some tips and techniques for providing quality online customer service in any business.

Contact Information

Customers must be able to quickly and easily contact a business with any questions or concerns they might have. If a customer has questions about a product before making a purchase, but cannot easily find a way to ask, that customer might go elsewhere with his or her business. If the customer has already made a purchase and has questions about delivery or function of the item, they must be able to easily contact the company or they will be likely to leave negative reviews or tell others about their negative experiences. Companies must make their contact information clearly available and provide several ways to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page can provide an easy way to provide online customer service. It is also an affordable option, since it quickly answers the most common questions that customers may have without investing a lot of time and money in customer service personnel. The FAQ page should be easily noticeable on the website, and the common and practical questions should be clearly answered. These common questions can be determined by general questions the company has received in the past, and should include basic information on shipping times and prices. At the end of the FAQ page there should also be some way for customers to contact the company.
Automatic Emails

After making a purchase, all customers should receive automatic emails thanking them for their order and updating them on delivery status. This helps the customers feel that their orders are important, and minimizes the feeling of detachment and uncertainty that can often accompany online shopping. If there is no follow-up to a personís purchase, the customer may begin to feel nervous or concerned that the order was not received. A confirmation email reassures the customer and is an important aspect of online customer service.

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Follow Up Emails

Many online businesses have a database of customer emails that can be utilized to make follow-up sales pitches. For example, companies might send custom emails with a coupon codes for free shipping or a 10% discount on a customerís next purchase. This might give the customer an incentive to return and complete the purchase. In addition, companies should use a personalized email system to send messages with the name of the customer. This has been proven to have a better success rate than emails sent without a name, and will create a more personalized system of online customer service.

Customers are satisfied when they feel a company is giving them the attention they need. To generate these feelings of goodwill, company websites should focus on answering questions and addressing customer concerns promptly. This is especially important in the online arena, as there are no visible sales staff to assist customers and create feelings of camaraderie.

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